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Send and receive SMS messages using the Skype interface


With SMS4Skype™ you have now an complete gateway to send and receive SMS messages to and from a conventional mobile phone around the world using the Skype™ interface.

More than 500 operators affiliated in 150 countries.

All users of SMS4Skype have right to use the web platform from

Easy to use in 3 step (no registration needed) :

1 Buy SMS Token (Credits)

2 Activate your sms4Skype voucher code (received by e-mail) directly from the Skype interface

3 Send your SMS messages from the Skype chat interface

New :

Offer SMS Voucher to your friends or to you self !
Fast and easy : Directvoucher

How works SMS4Skype ?

  • Send an message (IM) to the user SMS4SKYPE in Skype interface with the number of your recipient's and the text of your message.
    The mobile phone number must be in international format (+xxxNNNNNNNNN where xxx are the International country code and NNNNNNNNN the phone number).
    For example +41791234567 This is my first message)

  • It is also possible to send multirecipients messages. When you send any mobile number separate by comma (ie +41791112233,+41789995566 This is a multiple recipient message).
  • Message lenght up to 1000 characters
  • An interactive help is available if you send HELP to the Skype user SMS4SKYPE

How cost SMS4Skype

  • The registring at the service is free
  • Each part of message (up to 160 characters)  cost 1 token for the most countries (any operators take a fee tax for using there network. In this case the messages cost between 1.5 to 3 token depending of the country).
    For coverage and prices details, please read the Coverage and prices page


Receive SMS message on your Skype interface is now possible FOR FREE!
for learn more about this, click here



For more informations :

SKYPE is a trademark of Skype Technologies SA



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