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What is  SMS4Skype ?
SMS4Skype is the first platform available for general public allowing to send messages SMS since the interface of the Skype software.

Which software is necessary ?
SMS4Skype does not require any particular software, it is enough to have the Skype application. The sendings of SMS is done by the interface of program.

Is it mandatory to be registered to use ?
An  SMS4Skype account is automatically created during the activation of the first voucher of SMS tokens.
Do not lose given the password, it will be useful to consult the log of your transactions.

I didn't have a mobile phone, can I use SMS4Skype ?
SMS4Skype is made for you ! You didn't need to have a mobile phone to send or receive SMS.

Is my SkypeOUT used to send SMS ?
SMS4Skype™ is independent of your SkypeOUT credits, you buy SMS tokens directly on the sms4Skype website.

It is possible to send long messages ?
With SMS4Skype you can send messages up to 1400 caractères. The message will automaticly split on parts of 160 characters.

It is possible to send a SMS to multiple recipient  ?
SMS4Skype can send the same message up to 1000 recipient in same time.

What is the coverage of  SMS4Skype ?
600 opérators in 195 countries accept the SMS4Skype messages. Please read the Coverage and prices pages.

What is a SMS token SMS ?
A SMS token is the "money" used by SMS4Skype and Netsms.
A token corresponds to a credit valid for send your SMS. According to the destination of the message a SMS a message can "cost" between 1 and 2 tokens.
The pages cover and price indicate the purchase price of a token as well as the number of tokens necessary to send a message in each country.

Can my correspondents answer directly on my mobile phone?
You must configure SMS4Skype so that your sender identifiant (SENDER ID) is corresponding to your mobile phone number.
Send message SENDID your_GSM_number to SMS4Skype.

Can I receive SMS on my Skype interface ?
With SMS4Skype you can receive direcly SMS message on the Skype interface.

Begin a SMS message with  SKYPE your_Skype_alias the text  of the message.
and to send it to number +417862203200 (Normal Swiss number not surtaxed).

How many coste the reception of a SMS message ?
The reception of a SMS is FREE.

What is NetSMS  ?
NetSMS is a service like SMS4Skype, it makes it possible to send and receive message SMS using an Internet browser. NetSMS allows in addition to schedule the sending time of SMS and send images in WAP-Push mode (= like MMS).

Each SMS4Skype user have the right to use NetSMS with its tokens.






For more information, please contact the support team :

SKYPE and there derivative terms is a trademark of  Skype Technologies SA
sms4Skype and Netsms are label of Micro-Byte company









More than only one simple

interface of SMS sms4Skype

is the first concept available

for anybody allowing

to send and receive

short messages SMS

allround of the world.

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